The California Independent Gemological Laboratory, or CIGL, is your best way of obtaining fair and accurate information. Need an insurance appraisal? Did you purchased from the web? An independent appraiser has no hidden agendas and is not subject to pleasing a store owner. You get an accurate, quick appraisal that you know is the true replacement value.

At CIGL, the appraisal is done while you wait. From cleaning, to the finished appraisal, every step of the way is completed while you are present. There are only a few rare instances when additional documentation or pricing creates a situation, where you do not walk out with the appraisal document in your hand.

A new webpage, NEWS. It is filled with market changes and most importantly, what it means to you.

Many ask, do I need an appraisal? New to this site is the QUESTIONAIRE interactive page. Its design is to help you determine your appraisal needs.

Take a look at the DIFFERENCE page, and see what an appraisal should look like. If you have had one before, how does it compare? With an insurance appraisal; the value is in having the proper documentation covered. Poorly written documents may be inexpensive, but they can cost you dearly if you need to rely on one for a replacement.

On the FEES page, you will have an idea of the costs involved. A well written appraisal is something you do pay for. Quality is never cheep. If you want cheep, look for someone who will hand write something and hope you never see what happens at a time of loss.

To facilitate you, I appraise by appointment only. This is usualy done in my Napa office. I will travel and can do on-site appraisals. Fees for this service are based on several factors that I can discuss with you. Please move to the CONTACT page to set up an appointment.